The Advantages Of Being A Dentist In Today’s Beauty Based Society


model with great smileThere is a reason why millions of eager medical students flock to the profession of dentistry. The perks that you get here are unparallel and there is a lot less hassle as the most you are dealing with is someone’s mouth and not a vital organ. For students which might be medically inclined but afraid to take responsibility for major surgeries, dental surgery offers the best way out. After all, everyone in the beauty industry NEEDs a nice and bright smile! My personal cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale is Dr. Fenton. He’s does beautiful work for not only me, but also many pro athletes in the area. He’s loves his job and is making a great living.

Here are some of the best pros of being a dentist which promise a great life and also the reason why you never find a dentist who is dissatisfied with his profession. Plus, if you do become a dentist, people in the modeling industry everywhere are looking for that perfect smile. You’ll always have clients to take care of.

  • Dentists enjoy a fairly good income as depending on their qualifications and experience they can charge a good fee per visit and they are likely to have any number of visitors during the day making the entire month’s income rather handsome to say the least. While it may not be easy money exactly, it is still easier than people who have to slave away in other medical professions which might also be infinitely more rewarding but also much more difficult.
  • You get a great deal of autonomy as you have to follow no one’s orders and you are your own boss which is great and something everyone loves. If anything you will need to hire people like a receptionist etc.
  • You will get your fair share of respect as is accorded to nearly every member of the medical profession even if they are dealing with just teeth and not vital organs.
  • Dentists are generally required to be good conversationalists and also people’s people so they do get a lot of face time with their patients which mean they are never bored and are in constant contact with the human race.
  • Dentists also have the unique opportunity to set their own times and do not need to be on call at all times of the day and night much like other doctors. They can create a work day which agrees with them so they do not need to stress themselves out too much.
  • Dentistry is a field with few mysteries but you do get to offer solutions and really help people out with problems which are affecting them on a daily basis such as infected pulp in the center of the tooth or a wisdom tooth or facial reconstruction after an accident.