Taking Care Of Your Brazilian Body Wave Weave

Hair Weave UpkeepUndeniably, Brazilian body wave hair weaves are absolutely fabulous! It doesn’t matter if you are a busy mother or a student on the go, a Brazilian weave may just be what you’re looking for to look gorgeous even on your dull days.


However, it also depends a lot on how you take care of your weave. There are many ways through which you can take care of your extensions.


Treat them as Your Own Hair

To maintain them, you will have to treat Brazilian body wave weaves, made out of 100% human hair, like your own natural hair. Wash it with your trusty softening shampoo to make it smell exactly the same as your natural hair.

You can also apply your preferred conditioner after rinsing off the shampoo for extra softness and protection. Make sure you use a deep conditioner once a week to manage the weave and to keep them soft.

Go for a Dry Scalp Treatment

To keep curly weaves remaining shiny all the time, add small portions of olive oil to the wafts. Since the conditioner may not successfully make its way into your natural roots and scalp when you are wearing extensions, it is important to keep your scalp and roots away from certain dryness issues.


Dandruff and itchy scalp can be relieved by applying tea tree oil to it twice a week. In order to apply these oils to your scalp, weave and roots take a teaspoon of oil and moist your fingers to gently massage the oil through your hair and into your scalp. In extreme cases you can keep repeating this process until the Brazilian weaves begin to shine and the scalp is relieved of the itching. Don’t over-oil the weave, otherwise it will appear greasy.

Use a Wide Tooth Comb for Brazilian weaves

Use a wide tooth comb to maintain a tangle-free weave on a daily basis. Start combing from the middle of the weave and work your way through until you reach the ends. This comes handy in reducing tangles and shedding for keeping your hair protected for a longer period of time.

Wrap up your Weave

If you don’t want to wake up in the morning with messy hair, a very convenient way of protecting your Brazilian weaves is to keep it straight and as tangle free as possible by wrapping your hair, using a silk head scarf. Not only, it will thwart hair damage and breakage, it will not snag your hair.


Final Thought

Acquiring an exceptionally gorgeous looking weave is not something than can be attained if you possess fine, short or limp hair that don’t grow quickly. Buying Brazilian weaves offers you the chance to flaunt gorgeous tresses that you have always yearned for.


You don’t have to rely on wearing wigs that turn out to be a scorching experience in the summers. If you take care of your Brazilian weave, they will last for longer than the seller recommends, and will shine for even longer. Don’t forget to get the wave installed correctly – this is crucial! If you don’t still that weave it will not last long and won’t look as great. Check out this video from Her Imports for more information on how to install properly with a closure.

Buying 100% Authentic Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair weaves are popular hair extensions made entirely out of 100% human hair. Easy to maintain and soft textured, they conveniently blend with natural hair as they are, as mentioned before, human hair.


They are available in various colors so everyone can choose their preferred one according to their complexion. The best part about Brazilian hair weaves is that you treat and care for them as if they were your own hair.


Nobody wants to spend his valuable money on a fake product. That’s why the last thing you want to purchase is a synthetic product claiming to be the 100% Brazilian hair weaves. They will melt or will be unable to sustain any style like real weaves would.


To save you the heartbreak, we have compiled some tested ways to identify whether the hair weave you want to buy is original or synthetic.


  • Buy only from sources that are recommended by your friends, people who have already bought Brazilian hair weaves from there. Make sure you also do your homework before visiting the place.


  • You can also check reviews from salons or online retailers who claim to sell 100% authentic and durable hair weaves. Always remember, cosmetic products are priced for a reason. Don’t buy anything that is priced too good to be true.


  • Check how the hair weaves feel. Although, you cannot try a hot iron to verify its authenticity right there and then, but you can still touch to know how the texture feels. We all know how real hair feels like, so identifying synthetic hair from real Brazilian hair weaves is rather simple and straightforward.


  • Check the quality and texture of the shaft and ends of the hair weave you’re about to purchase.  Maybe it is 70% real hair and 30% artificial. Also, if you notice any breakages or split ends, reject the product right away.


  • Check the color as it is not supposed to be dyed and may slightly vary for some portions of the hair. Come to think of it, we have hair that may have different shades and not necessarily uniformly colored in a single tone.


Fake hair is often recognizable as it is all of the same color, done in an attempt to deceive the buyer who will mistake them for authentic and genuine hair.


  • When you wish to buy 100% genuine Brazilian hair weaves, you can also check them after buying. Before you have it woven onto your head, do a flame test with any strand of the weave. If it is not real, it will be extremely flammable. Although, real hair can burn easily as well, you can easily identify the smell of burning human hair and something that is synthetic. You can return the fake hair to the store by showing them the same test.


These are some of the ways to make sure you are purchasing 100% real Brazilian hair weaves. It is strongly recommended to buy hair products from a reputed and trusted salon or online retailer. Check out this video from the well known hair brand Her Imports.

What Makes Women Beautiful?

A Woman’s Beauty Secret

beautiful vs hotA woman can make heads turn and smiles to appear depending on her beauty when she passes in a certain area. So what really makes a woman beautiful? Is it her physical characteristics, intellectual beauty or inner beauty?

A woman can have good physical features such as long hair, curvy shape, beautiful face and other things such as money, popularity or fame, expensive clothes sex appeal and not be deemed beautiful. But what is the difference between a woman being beautiful vs. begin “hot”?

All women want to feel beautiful. So what really makes a woman to be different from others though? They may have good physical features…but what else?


A beautiful woman must have a strong and appealing spirit. It shows her purpose and passion that helps her know what she has to live for. This is beauty combined together with her strength, her sex appeal, and her confidence. For instance, a woman’s spirit and passion are what make her stands out and become a role model to generations.

A beautiful woman always works hard to inspire you in following your dreams, available when you are sick. She has to be sincere.

A woman may not have desirable physical features or intellectual beauty, but her inner beauty usually is evident by the way she acts and treats people she interacts with.

She may be unselfish, loving, non- judgmental, and compassionate as most of her outstanding characteristics. Though you may choose a woman depending on her physical features or intelligence, inner beauty will always be more appealing than the rest.


A woman should not be afraid to speak their heart out. A woman’s intelligence is not necessarily obtained through education or by attaining a degree. Intellectual beauty is determined by how she talks, her display of confidence. She may not have good and desirable physical characteristics but she may have intellectual beauty which is much more important. However, according to a Huffington Post article, intelligent women do have a harder time when putting themselves out there in the dating world.


This is what makes a woman attractive or repellant after meeting them for the first time. People always have the potential to have a good character and also a personality that is charming. Nowadays, life has changed and it is very difficult to know pretenders.



The beauty of a woman is not her clothes, body type, or length of her hair; it is her passion for not only people but life itself.

Passion makes a woman stand out; it makes her captivating and magnetic. This beauty secret cannot be altered or stripped away by anybody. It what makes a woman glow. It is usually the most beautiful thing that you can have, whether it is warm, soft, bold and gentle.

Physical beauty only lasts for a short time and it can never be enough. A woman should never her passion and spirit fade; it should help them to feel confident and beautiful even when they are not told that by an individual.