How To Get A Natural Look With Virgin Hair

Who does not want to look gorgeous at a party or social gathering? If your hair is not in the best shape, it becomes very difficult to manage. Take the hair away from your overall look and it will be very tough for you to impress anyone with them. This is the case when your hair is dry.

Women who invest hundreds and thousands of dollars on hair care treatments are not insane. They understand the role that their hair plays in making them look beautiful. They also get their desired results from their investments when everyone compliments their looks. The trend of buying both natural and artificial hair for wigs, or hair extensions, is on the rise. Virgin hair is one of the types of hair used in wigs.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is a type of hair that is never been processed or treated with chemicals, dyes, bleaches, etc. In fact, no straightening, coloring and curling has ever been done on the hair. The main condition is the hair donor had to fulfill is that the donor is only eligible to donate virgin hair if they have never gone to a salon for any kind of hair treatment. All the hair must be taken from the one ponytail to be considered as virgin hair.

Since this criterion is so hard to meet, it is very tough to find virgin hairs. Most women have gone through the salon for hair treatment and that makes virgin hair donors rather scarce. Not only that, but the virgin hair is quite expensive, and is in very high demand. This creates a gap between supply and demand.

Virgin Hairs and Women

Many women in under developed countries are focusing on becoming a virgin hair donor because it easier for them to do so thanks to their culture. Thus, another important factor forcing women in Asia to become a virgin hair donor is the financial factor. They can gain quite a lot of money by donating their virgin hairs.

Keeping the cuticles in proper alignment is also critical. Virgin hair remains soft and silky for a longer period as compared those treated with chemicals and dyes. Virgin hair gives the best results for wigs and hair extension as compared to any other synthetic hair. It is more durable and gives you a natural look. Women need to be very careful when buying virgin hair, because most of the manufacturers and suppliers also try to fool women by selling other type of hair as virgin hair.


You must treat virgin hair as you would treat your natural hair. You will feel at home when treating your virgin hair, because they act and look like natural hair. Virgin hair can last longer if you treat them carefully and according to recommended guidelines. Consult a hair specialist and visit the salon regularly to keep your virgin hair in its best shape. Finally, choose virgin hair that look good on you and blend nicely with your look.