How Do Models Lose Weight? Acupuncture Is Their Secret!

acupunture treatmentsIt is no secret anymore that all diets work well for models within our industry trying to lose weight. The main thing is to lower one’s calorie intake and then stick to it! In fact, pure physics insists that a person’s weight will always be determined by the calories (energy) they take in as well as the magnitude of the energy he or she expend. Now here comes the big question. Why, even with such a revealing is the issue of obesity still seen as a national epidemic in some countries?

The problem is and will always be there as it’s against human nature to have a limit on calorie intake. In fact, people consume more than what they need to. I know a handful of models that can’t stay away from their chocolate! This is a culture passed down from one generation to another, say hunter-gatherer ancestors to the current take away food consumers. Other reasons why people eat excessively include but not limited to modern lifestyles, psychological triggers and chronic stress.

Acupuncture Weight Loss Procedure

Let me let you in on a little secret in the modeling industry – Acupuncture for wight loss. I’ve been going to the Acupuncture Miami clinic for almost 5 years now and its been incredibly worth it. From a traditional Chinese medicine point of view, the acupoints, herbs and food that are selected to help people lose weight actually impact on their qi, especially within their liver and spleen systems to correct the root imbalances that trigger weight gain and obesity.

On the other hand, from the Western medicine and science point if view, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine impacts on the working of a person’s nervous system, food craving, metabolism, digestive and endocrine systems. All these can assist in the rejuvenation of their body, reduction of nutrients absorption and anxiety. Besides, the same process helps regulate elimination, suppress appetites, and control overeating.

The most beautiful thing about acupuncture treatment is that it is mindful of the needs of each and very individual’s requirements. The main goal of their treatment is to offer every person, irrespective of their age and gender, all they desire as far as weight loss is concerned. The acupuncturist selects points, of course on your body that promotes overall wellness, increases Qi and blood circulation (metabolic stimulation) and calms your nervous system.

Problems associated with overeating and premenstrual syndrome
Acupuncture doesn’t only treat the source of the body imbalance but also other problems associated with overeating and premenstrual syndrome. For example, in case you experience a strong craving for food related to PMS, then this can be handled by your acupuncturist.
In general, appointment and treatments are arranged one or two times per week for about eight to twelve weeks. However, the treatment can be prolonged until one achieves their weight loss goal. The procedure entails a combination of body and ear (auricular) acupuncture, ear pellets or tacks to last in between, supplements, herbs, treatments, abdominal massage, food, breathing exercises and lifestyle recommendations.

Ear Points

acupuncture for weightlossAcupoints on patient’s ears are effective for the weight loss. Remember that human ears are inverted fetal positions and contain points that relate to all basic body parts and organs. The ears points are stimulated through the use of little tacks during treatment.

It might seem weird to you at first that you ear could be directly tied to your weight loss or gain, but it’s been a little known technique that many models have used over the years to remain healthy and thin during their careers.