What Makes Women Beautiful?

A Woman’s Beauty Secret

beautiful vs hotA woman can make heads turn and smiles to appear depending on her beauty when she passes in a certain area. So what really makes a woman beautiful? Is it her physical characteristics, intellectual beauty or inner beauty?

A woman can have good physical features such as long hair, curvy shape, beautiful face and other things such as money, popularity or fame, expensive clothes sex appeal and not be deemed beautiful. But what is the difference between a woman being beautiful vs. begin “hot”?

All women want to feel beautiful. So what really makes a woman to be different from others though? They may have good physical features…but what else?


A beautiful woman must have a strong and appealing spirit. It shows her purpose and passion that helps her know what she has to live for. This is beauty combined together with her strength, her sex appeal, and her confidence. For instance, a woman’s spirit and passion are what make her stands out and become a role model to generations.

A beautiful woman always works hard to inspire you in following your dreams, available when you are sick. She has to be sincere.

A woman may not have desirable physical features or intellectual beauty, but her inner beauty usually is evident by the way she acts and treats people she interacts with.

She may be unselfish, loving, non- judgmental, and compassionate as most of her outstanding characteristics. Though you may choose a woman depending on her physical features or intelligence, inner beauty will always be more appealing than the rest.


A woman should not be afraid to speak their heart out. A woman’s intelligence is not necessarily obtained through education or by attaining a degree. Intellectual beauty is determined by how she talks, her display of confidence. She may not have good and desirable physical characteristics but she may have intellectual beauty which is much more important. However, according to a Huffington Post article, intelligent women do have a harder time when putting themselves out there in the dating world.


This is what makes a woman attractive or repellant after meeting them for the first time. People always have the potential to have a good character and also a personality that is charming. Nowadays, life has changed and it is very difficult to know pretenders.



The beauty of a woman is not her clothes, body type, or length of her hair; it is her passion for not only people but life itself.

Passion makes a woman stand out; it makes her captivating and magnetic. This beauty secret cannot be altered or stripped away by anybody. It what makes a woman glow. It is usually the most beautiful thing that you can have, whether it is warm, soft, bold and gentle.

Physical beauty only lasts for a short time and it can never be enough. A woman should never her passion and spirit fade; it should help them to feel confident and beautiful even when they are not told that by an individual.