Taking Care Of Your Brazilian Body Wave Weave

Hair Weave UpkeepUndeniably, Brazilian body wave hair weaves are absolutely fabulous! It doesn’t matter if you are a busy mother or a student on the go, a Brazilian weave may just be what you’re looking for to look gorgeous even on your dull days.


However, it also depends a lot on how you take care of your weave. There are many ways through which you can take care of your extensions.


Treat them as Your Own Hair

To maintain them, you will have to treat Brazilian body wave weaves, made out of 100% human hair, like your own natural hair. Wash it with your trusty softening shampoo to make it smell exactly the same as your natural hair.

You can also apply your preferred conditioner after rinsing off the shampoo for extra softness and protection. Make sure you use a deep conditioner once a week to manage the weave and to keep them soft.

Go for a Dry Scalp Treatment

To keep curly weaves remaining shiny all the time, add small portions of olive oil to the wafts. Since the conditioner may not successfully make its way into your natural roots and scalp when you are wearing extensions, it is important to keep your scalp and roots away from certain dryness issues.


Dandruff and itchy scalp can be relieved by applying tea tree oil to it twice a week. In order to apply these oils to your scalp, weave and roots take a teaspoon of oil and moist your fingers to gently massage the oil through your hair and into your scalp. In extreme cases you can keep repeating this process until the Brazilian weaves begin to shine and the scalp is relieved of the itching. Don’t over-oil the weave, otherwise it will appear greasy.

Use a Wide Tooth Comb for Brazilian weaves

Use a wide tooth comb to maintain a tangle-free weave on a daily basis. Start combing from the middle of the weave and work your way through until you reach the ends. This comes handy in reducing tangles and shedding for keeping your hair protected for a longer period of time.

Wrap up your Weave

If you don’t want to wake up in the morning with messy hair, a very convenient way of protecting your Brazilian weaves is to keep it straight and as tangle free as possible by wrapping your hair, using a silk head scarf. Not only, it will thwart hair damage and breakage, it will not snag your hair.


Final Thought

Acquiring an exceptionally gorgeous looking weave is not something than can be attained if you possess fine, short or limp hair that don’t grow quickly. Buying Brazilian weaves offers you the chance to flaunt gorgeous tresses that you have always yearned for.


You don’t have to rely on wearing wigs that turn out to be a scorching experience in the summers. If you take care of your Brazilian weave, they will last for longer than the seller recommends, and will shine for even longer. Don’t forget to get the wave installed correctly – this is crucial! If you don’t still that weave it will not last long and won’t look as great.